Mass laboratory is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of Malaysia’s primary kilogram standard. The highest level of the structure is the national primary kilogram standards.

m3Hierarchical structure of mass standards is established to ensure the highest precision of mass standards with corresponding uncertainties, to provide various levels of weights ranging from standard weights with high accuracies to weights for commercial transaction.

m2The Mass Laboratory maintains weights of OIML Class E1 as reference standards and several sets of OIML Classes E2 to M1  as secondary and working standards in the range of 1 mg to 1 000 kg. m4




f1f2Force Laboratory provides calibration and traceability of force transducers measurement in accordance to the BS EN ISO 376 and ASTM E74. Dead-weight force standard machine in the laboratory is maintained as force reference standard with capacity of 60 kN and two universal compression machines with capacity of 600 kN and 2000 kN. Several force transducers Class 00 with ranges of 50 kN, 100 kN, 250 kN, 600 kN, 1000 kN and 2000 kN are also available for calibration services. Table below illustrates the capabilities and uncertainties obtained in force measurement at force laboratory:

Measurement Range and Uncertainties 

Mode Force Range Uncertainty

Elastic Force
Measuring Instruments

0.5 kN to 60 kN 0.004 %

Elastic Force
Measuring Instruments

Up to 100 kN

100 kN to 270 kN

270 kN to 2000 kN

0.05 kN

0.4 kN

2.0 kN

f3 f4


d1National Metrology Institute of Malaysia (NMIM) is responsible for the maintenance and dissemination of the national standard for length measurement. NMIM is equipped with two set of iodine-stabilised He-Ne laser systems and on top of the hierarchy for traceability of length, dimensional, angle and form measurements. These laser systems are in accordance with recommendations set by the Consultative Committee for Length (CCL) of the Bureau International des Poids et Measures (BIPM). NMIM is capable to perform the calibration of many types of dimensional measuring instruments, gauges and components.
 d3  d2


NMIM plays an important role in disseminating the traceability of measurement to the whole country based on the International System of Units. Just like other world standard laboratories, NMIM has great responsibility in ensuring the national metrology infrastructures meet and comply with the global measurement standards.

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