Capacitance & Inductance


The capacitance measurement services:

  • Low loss capacitor; fixed value
    1 pF - 1000 pF at 1 kHz, 1592 Hz
  • Dielectric capacitor (e.g. mica, polystyrene)

    1 µF - 100 µF at 1 kHz

  • Decade Capacitance

    100 pF to 1 µF

  • Capacitance meter

    1 pF to 1 µF

  • Dissipation Factor

    5X10-6 to 1X10-4

Inductance measurement services:

  • Calibration of self-inductance

    100 µH to 1 H

  • Decade Inductance

    100 µH to 10 H

  • Inductance meter

    100 µH to 10 H

In capacitance measurement, there are two types of national capacitance standards maintained; toroidal cross capacitor (1 pF) and fused-silica standard (1, 10, 100 pF). The 1 to 100 pF standard capacitors are used to calibrate the high precision capacitance bridge. Customer standards are calibrated by direct and substitute calibration method using a precision bridge. i1
Inductance primary measurement is based on comparison bridge. The comparison procedure describes one inductor to be compared with another inductor within 10:1 range. The standard inductors are then used to calibrate the inductance meter (LCR) and customer standards are directly measurmetered by this meter. i2


NMIM plays an important role in disseminating the traceability of measurement to the whole country based on the International System of Units. Just like other world standard laboratories, NMIM has great responsibility in ensuring the national metrology infrastructures meet and comply with the global measurement standards.

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