The capacitance measurement services:

  • Low loss capacitor; fixed value
    1 pF - 1000 pF at 1 kHz, 1592 Hz
  • Dielectric capacitor (e.g. mica, polystyrene)

    1 µF - 100 µF at 1 kHz

  • Decade Capacitance

    100 pF to 1 µF

  • Capacitance meter

    1 pF to 1 µF

  • Dissipation Factor

    5X10-6 to 1X10-4


Inductance measurement services:

  • Calibration of self-inductance

    100 µH to 1 H

  • Decade Inductance

    100 µH to 10 H

  • Inductance meter

    100 µH to 10 H

In capacitance measurement, there are two types of national capacitance standards maintained; toroidal cross capacitor (1 pF) and fused-silica standard (1, 10, 100 pF). The 1 to 100 pF standard capacitors are used to calibrate the high precision capacitance bridge. Customer standards are calibrated by direct and substitute calibration method using a precision bridge.


Inductance primary measurement is based on comparison bridge. The comparison procedure describes one inductor to be compared with another inductor within 10:1 range. The standard inductors are then used to calibrate the inductance meter (LCR) and customer standards are directly measurmetered by this meter.