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Terms and conditions on participation in Proficiency Testing Activities organized by NMIM.

Proficiency testing activities include Proficiency Testing (PT) and Measurement Audit (MA) organized by NMIM.


Delivery of Proficiency Test Items

The cost of PT Test Item delivery by courier will be borne by the participating laboratory unless otherwise indicated.


Non-payment of Fees

NMIM retains the right to withhold reports and services when invoices are outstanding.


Program Cancellation

NMIM reserve the right to cancel, postpone or reschedule any programme due to unforeseen circumstances. If NMIM exercise this option, participants will be notified as early as possible to minimize inconvenience. NMIM will not accept any responsibility for any costs incurred.


Confidentiality of Results

All data and information received by NMIM from participating laboratory are considered confidential unless the laboratory has given written permission to pass on information.


Participant Collusion and Falsification of Results

Confidentiality: Participants shall keep all the details regarding the activity as confidential. Seeking to obtain measurement information for artefacts prior to participation in the PT activities is prohibited. Participants will only share data only with the NMIM PT Coordinator or NMIM Technical Expert. Sharing any artefact information or measurement results between participants, which is provided in the reports, is prohibited.

NMIM reserves the right to terminate participation of any organisation if the participant or participating organization has violated quality policies, procedures for care and handling of artefacts, repeated technical delays, or other technical issues that could potentially adversely affect the results for the other participants.

NMIM reserves the right to terminate participation of any organisation if there is clear evidence of collusion or falsification of result by the participant or participating organization.


Use of Report

The participants shall not use any report issued by NMIM for any purpose other than internal measurement assurance or accreditation/recognition activities. The report whether in whole or any part thereof, or short abbreviations shall not be published or used in any manner by the participant or its representative to advertise the products on the print and electronic media generally or in brochures and advertisements especially without specific written permission of Senior Director, National Metrology Institute of Malaysia, SIRIM Berhad (NMIM), of which the Senior Director has the right to give consent to all statements in any form of publicity given the possibility of truth.


Policy for Participant Appeal of Performance Assessment

Participants are allowed to appeal against the evaluation of their performance in PT or MA as stated in Instruction to Participant. The appeal shall be forwarded to NMIM PT Coordinator in writing.