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Picture5EDXRF is a nondestructive, fast, quantitative and qualitative elemental analysis technique. It is becoming the method of choice in the precious metal industry where there is a need to maintain the integrity of the sample. EDXRF also has emerged as the primary method for screening products for RoHS/WEEE compliance in Polyethylene Plastic (PE).

EDXRF has some key advantages over other methods. First, it is nondestructive, causing no damage to the sample tested. Second, it requires no sample preparation. Third, it takes only few seconds per item. Each element peak occurs at a known fixed position and generally concentrations from 1 ppm to 100 % are detectable with EDXRF.



NMIM can provide measurement services as below:

  1. Purity Assessment of Precious Metal
  2. Analysis of Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoSH) in Polyethylene Plastic (PE)